Client Testimonials

Check out our consistent five-star rating from people we have helped over the years! Whether it’s your first charge or you are familiar with the system, you can rest assured that our team will take care of you.

“Worth every penny.” –P.S., London, ON

“I first met Carolynn while I was downtown waiting on a bail hearing years ago. She told me I would need a surety to sign for my release if I wanted to get out. I did not know any of my friends’ phone numbers or addresses off the top of my head, so I described to her where they lived and she actually went out that evening to try and go find them. She really takes the time with each person she deals with and goes above and beyond what is expected of a lawyer, which is evident from how often she comes to jail. She is smart, very knowledgeable of the law and every client I send her from within the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Center likes her. It’s a really good career for her and I am glad to have her as my lawyer. She comes out here a lot.” –W.W., London, ON

“You are the best lawyer anyone could ever have!” –M.B., London, ON

“I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all your time and work over the past year. You were very helpful in taking the time to explain the process and options throughout each charge. You took the time to answer my questions and concerns. You always got back to me promptly which I really appreciated.” –J.R., Kitchener, ON

“Carolynn and Sam were great with handling my case. I had multiple charges (both provincially and federally) and the Crown was looking for 6 months of jail time. Within 3 weeks, my call was taken, my Legal Aid was approved, my disclosure was received and a resolution meeting was scheduled. I plead guilty to my counts and was given a good deal. I am really glad to be getting out so I can move forward with my life. Every day here is best avoided.” –B.R., London, ON

“You got that charge withdrawn? You’re amazing! I don’t know what you did, but that’s great. Thank you so much!” –D.D., London, ON

“I have had lots of good experiences with Carolynn’s legal services and have recommended her to at least 5 other guys here at EMDC. I have had a few serious charges and she was able to get me acquittals on the matter I refused to plead guilty to. She is not a dump truck and is always kind and caring with me. She’s observant, joyful and has a good, outgoing spirit. She knocked down all these breaches and had two break and enter charges thrown away. My son had health issues and I had no friends or family, so that meant the world to me.” –J.A., London, ON